Saturday, February 18, 2012

holy wow its been a while


LoL and ive been way too busy....

maybe ill blog again someday:)

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

RaNdOm UpDaTe

so in my previous post i said i would try to update during the first journey camp, that didn't seem to ended up being a busier week for me than i thought. i actually got the wonderful opportunity to help out in the arts and crafts room with some lovely volunteer ladies here at the camp. it was neat to see the youth actively involved in being creative with their time and enjoying the many crafts that were available to them. most kids these days spend numerous hours on a computer or in front of the tv with a video game, but these kids were happy to be inside playing games like twister or battleship to painting boxes and making bracelets. how lovely it is to see contentment on a teenager's face with something so relaxing and simple. unfortunately, i was only able to help out for one day because the next day my sister and her two lovely children came to visit for the day. having my family here at our home and relaxing with them was so much fun...i look forward to the next time they come to visit. i really should start taking more pictures of my niece and nephew, they are both growing so fast. Daniel Jaden and Lydia Grace are two little people in mine and Jeremy's life that we absolutely ADORE!!! Being and Aunt is an AmAzInG thing! 

Next on our list, in less than 3 weeks...PARENTHOOD. woohooo. Jeremy asked me the other night, are you going to love our son as much as you love Daniel? I replied with...I guess we will have to see. lol. Just kidding. Of course I will love our son, but I know it will be a totally different love than what I have for my nephew. 

***you can find more recent updates come from this amazing site***

Today I am spending the afternoon hanging with my hubby while he works!!! I cannot say enough how truly BLESSED we are to be here at HLC. Jeremy is so happy with his job and I love the fact that I can ride around with him and hang out with him while he works. God is so good to us even though we are so undeserving of such Love. 

We had a doc appt yesterday and all is well...the doc told us that right now he is probably 5 lbs and doesn't look like he will be much more than 7 or 7.5 lbs at birth, we shall see very soon. Jeremy and I had guessed how much we thought he might way, I guess it will be 7.14 and Jer said 10. I think he is crazy!! lol, but it was fun to that we talked with the doc his guess has changed to 7.2! So unless little man comes early, we will see on July 14th just how big he is going to be. 

Today I put all of our little man's clothes, blankets, burp rags, bibs, etc. in the wash with this special detergent that is supposed to be good for sensitive skin. On the bottle it says #1 Pediatrician recommended so I trust it. Many of you probably already know the name of it, but if not, it is Dreft...we will know very soon if this is the right stuff for our little guy or if he can handle something CHEAPER that would be great too :). It was fun to see all the little outfits and blankets that we know we will be using very very soon. After I get those washed, dried and folded I plan on packing a bag for the hospital for Jeremy and I as well. I figure that now is a good time to be ready for any day now which is what the Doc told us so as of today our diaper bag and our travel bag will be packed and ready to go. 

Well....I guess that about sums up my random thoughts at the moment...maybe more will come later in the week. Jeremy does a much better job at keeping everyone updated so feel free to travel to this site for a more updated version of the Hellums family. 

I pray you all have a blessed day and that God challenges you in a way that you have yet to be challenged. In the mean time, SMILE, if Christ is in your heart notify your face...seriously! You NEVER know who is watching!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

God is so Good

HLC & the new Miles auditorium are off to a GREAT start this summer!!! God moved in a lot of lives tonight! Mike Satterfield(the evangelist) "brought it" as always & After Edmund(the band) sounded great!!Thank you Jesus for all you have done tonight and will continue to do throughout the week!! ***special thanks to my husband JEREMY DENIS HELLUMS for allowing God to be our leader and being such a great man of the house so that we would listen to His calling on us being here at Highland Lakes Camp.*** What a privilege and a blessing this calling has been!!! God, you reign!! I pray you all have a blessed week...I will try to update a bit during the week just in case you are curious about Journey Camp 1 with Mike Satterfield and After Edmund

Monday, June 1, 2009

!?!? Ideas Anyone ?!?!

I wanna hear your ideas on choosing a pediatrician!!

Soon enough (in 5 weeks) our little man will arrive and we will need to start taking him to appointments and such, so I thought I would ask you, my readers(all the parents out there), if you have some great advice on choosing one or if you even have ones that you would recommend that would be in the Austin area close to where we live.

All is well with baby and I. He is growing so fast...I think he is just about as uncomfortable as I am, I can tell through his kicks and constant movement. I thought his movements would be slowing down by now but they have not, which is totally fine with me...except for when he enjoys being awake at night much more than during the day, but I hear that is normal and that newborns usually are night owls anyways so God is doing a great work in preparing me to be up partying with the little one. We are still trying to prepare and organize for his arrival and have been blessed to receive some great gifts at the showers we have had recently. When I get the time I am going to post some shower pics for you all to see. We are so blessed with such great friends!! God is so good all the time and all the time, God is so good!!!

Jeremy is still LOVING his job. The place where he serves is so cool...just the other day Jeremy and I were talking about how I always wanted to live on a lake. Little did we know 2 years ago we would be living that small dream of mine now. Highland Lakes is an amazing camp and we have spent this past week going to worship and getting to know the summer mission team staff and everyone is so great. I am super excited to be a part of the PEACE outreach team. It is such a privilege to be on the other side of things here at camp...watching the college students grow and stretch their lives is such a blessing to be a part of. Another exciting thing about camp, the concession stand has finally opened for the summer and I must say I have been wanting a Dr. Pepper slushy since we moved here in April and they are AmAzInG. I finally got one yesterday when my more than awesome husband surprised me with it during a short break he had. :) Thanks hubby!!

That just about wraps up all the thoughts I am having right now...maybe more will come sometime soon.

I hope you are having a blessed day and that you are seeking God in all that you do!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


That is how long we have until we get to meet our little man. Only 8!! You know they say time flies when you're having fun, well not that I have been having the best time of my life with this pregnancy, but time sure has flown by and quickly for sure. I can hardly explain all the feelings I am having right now as I think about how different our life is going to be in exactly 2 months. I think this blog will be one of reflections, thoughts, hopes and what is to come so sit back and enjoy :)

**Oh, just curious, why don't they call it a 10 month pregnancy instead of 9 months?!?..because it actually is 10 months....just a little side note thought of mine.

Jeremy and I will have known each other for 4 years this month on the 27th. It seems like just yesterday that we met and were making plans for our first date. I remember walking into miles auditorium(the old one) at Highland Lakes Camp and seeing this handsome man on a ladder who actually climbed down and started walking my direction. I like to think I'm a nice, outgoing person so just like any other situation I proceeded to introduce myself and have a conversation with this man. After a long talk that night and exchanging of phone numbers, the man God made for me was brought into my life and little to our knowledge was the road laid down before us to follow. We fell in love very soon and dated for a year and a half before we were engaged. Dating was so much fun! It is such a different thing than marriage. Jeremy was so good at setting up dates and surprises and poems...he was doing a great job winning me over, but I would have married him even without all of his creative efforts. Being engaged was exciting as well...only 5 months thankfully, but a very interesting 5 months it was. Preparing for the wedding, the showers and other stuff. Keeping us both busy and anxious, the day finally arrived when we became husband and wife and an AMAZING day it was and an AMAZING marriage it has been!!!

Wow!!! Time sure does fly!! Jeremy and have been having the TIME OF OUR LIVES!!! Honestly, being married to my best friend is the coolest thing ever. And now to think that our coolest days to come are only 8 weeks away. Recently I have noticed a difference in the way Jeremy and I interact with each other...or better yet, a difference in the way we spend our time together. Thankfully, Jeremy was blessed with an awesome job to serve on the full-time ministry team at Highland Lakes(where we first met) and each day involves something new and different on his list of things to do. Some days I am able to ride around with him while he does his duties and all of the days I have lunch with him. We have been spending so much time together and that time has been so precious and so passionate and I know it is God preparing us for our life to change. A good change for sure, but a change that will definitely challenge us emotionally, spiritually and will be a challenge to our relationship and how we will act with one another.

Thanks to my lovely older and wiser sister( right right) who came in and started talking about whatever, I have lost my thoughts and do not feel like finishing this blog....maybe I can continue it at a later time....

Hope your weekend is blessed and that God is working in and through your life!!! Be Blessed

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm on a roll...

3 new blogs 3 days in a row. I must be bored or just in the sharing mood I guess. I have to advertise for a photographer...she did a super job with 3 clicks on a camera and I am just amazed at her work. Jeremy and I went to a VIP(very important preggers) shower at the Palmer Events Center in Austin and while there we got lots of goodies and free stuff. Well, this photographer was there and she was taking belly shots and we didn't know we would be taking any pics or my hair would have been fixed with a bit more makeup, but this lady did a great job with us despite the flaws. We got 3 free prints and I am considering taking more with her(have not discussed this with the hubby yet) and I would even like her to take some of our baby boy when he arrives. So, for your viewing pleasure, the photo below is one that she took and I would encourage you to check out her website and browse for yourself. Have a lovely day! God Bless